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Daniel Webbe


Growing up on the North Shore Dan played hockey, soccer, baseball, and was a Nationally ranked junior golfer. After graduation from high school he decided to attend the University of South Carolina and the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy.

With a busy schedule of class, golf training and tournament travel he discovered how important physical fitness was to his success. Working with some of the worlds leading trainers 6 days a week he was able to add 20 pounds of muscle in his first year!

Returning to B.C. Dan wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Working as a personal trainer in Yale Town, he stumbled across an article on CrossFit. After a few hours of YouTube Videos he decided that he was going to try the benchmark workout “Fran” the following day. A little skeptical that a workout with only 90 repetitions would be enough, he set the timer 3.2.1…GO! A little over 6 minutes later he was laying on the gym floor covered in sweat, and fully addicted to CrossFit.

Later that week Dan joined a CrossFit affiliate and was thrust into the culture of CrossFit, he loved the workouts but was blown away by the sense of community. Hundreds of WOD’S later he became a certified CrossFit trainer, and was on the way to opening up his own affiliate.

In the future Dan hopes to continue to change people’s lives with Crossfit, compete at the CrossFit Games, and grow CrossFit Capilano into a destination CrossFit affiliate

Favorite WOD: Cindy (26 rounds in 20 minutes)

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